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Ynot Lawn Care
Lawn Care Maintenance
Weekly or Bi-weekly (not recommended during Spring and early Summer periods due to the grass grows at a faster rate).  Maintenance includes cutting grass, trimming, blowing off all cemented areas of grass clippings and edging (every other week).  Your lawn care maintenance will be scheduled the same day of the week through out the season.  My personal guarantee, "If your lawn doesn't need to be cut, it wont at no cost to you".     
Mulch Installation
Fall/Spring Cleanup
Gutter Cleaning
Shrub Trimming
This service is generally performed at least twice a year depending on the type of shrub. Any new growth will be trimmed back to a neat and formal looking shape to keep your property looking its best.
Installation of mulch creates a quick and seamless transition to enhance the look of being a fresh well maintained landscape. But mulch is not simply cosmetic; it helps sustain soil moisture by reducing evaporation. In turn this minimizes the need for watering. It also helps reduce the germination and growth of weeds.

The mulch we provide is 100% hardwood - absolutely no pallet wood.  We carry a range of mulches for any budget or landscaping need. Our color mulches come in red, desert gold, chocolate brown, walnut brown, and black.  Also, available is double/triple grind hardwood mulch.
Having your property thoroughly cleaned promotes earlier healthier growth because the sun has unobstructed access to fresh soil and to avoid dead patches later in the spring. Leaves, debris and sticks will be removed from the property as well as cutting back any perennials or removing annuals from the landscaped beds. 
Leaves, branches, debris, and other objects collect in the gutters over time and must be removed to assure proper water flow and drainage. Once or twice a year is recommended to avoid long term issues with the gutter system.
Weed Removal

Service Area:

Royal Oak
Huntington Woods
Pleasant Ridge